Putting Contest

PUTT Fore Cash

As the tournament Director, you are always looking for more ways to raise more revenue, increase tournament awareness, increase sponsorship, and attract more players to help your support your favorite charity. Look no further! SEU Promotions, INC. has introduced 3 exciting Putt Fore Cash contest options to assist you in achieving all of this and more!

Individual Putt Contest:

This contest allows each of your events participants to qualify for an attempt at a 50ft. putt for a cash prize. During play, each golfer attempts a 15ft. putt on the putting green. Each player that is successful in making the putt qualifies to participate in the 30ft putt off, at the end of the tournament. This putt off is played until there is only one player left standing, either the only player who makes the 30ft putt or is closest to the pin. This player then gets to attempt the 50ft cash prize putt.

Team Putt Contest:

This Putt Fore Cash feature allows teams to work together to win the cash prize. This event allows for more event participants to putt for the big cash prize and to have more winners. As each team makes the turn, they stop at the putting green and make a qualifying putt, with all four team members taking their turn at a 30 ft. putt. The winning team is the team to successfully have the lowest total distance to the pin. This team advances to the 50ft. putt attempt. Each member has a chance to sink the putt and putt for a chance at ΒΌ of the total cash prize!

All Tournament Players Putt:

This event brings excitement to the event for all the players, while creating an opportunity of having a major cash prize winner or winners. This Putt Fore Cash feature makes it possible for each tournament participant to putt for the cash prize. No qualifying is required. As your tournament players make the turn during the round, they stop at the putting green and attempt to make the 50ft putt for the cash prize. Each and every player that makes that putt will win the Cash Prize creating a lot of excitement for all the players and increasing the odds of having a major Cash Prize winner(s).

For an Additional Charge, SEU can provide premium signage to be displayed on the putting greens and a representative of SEU Promotions will be there to run the contest and videotape the final putt. Please call 704-926-6576 for details.

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