Silent Auction Program


SEU Promotions, INC. will provide the requested amount of consignment auction items ranging from low, medium, and high end pieces. We are dedicated to customizing our program to fit any and all of your events needs. Our professional staff assists you in every way to make your event a huge financial success.

We keep our auction item’s prices very, very low, to increase the margin of profit for your organization. Below are options on how we plan to make your event the most successful.

Option 1

Our work doesn’t just end with planning your event. Our professional staff will set up the 30 minimum items, monitor the tables, and attend the event to ensure it all runs smoothly. We guarantee to collect the money and have a check sent to the organization within 10 calendar days. There is no charge for this service and it eliminates any work on the charity’s part to solicit items or prepare for an auction. We do recommend that the charity provide some of their own items to enhance and supplement the auction display.

Option 2

This option works similarly to the first option, however; with one major difference. The charity is responsible for collecting the money themselves. We will then send you an invoice for the items sold, this includes sales tax and shipping where applicable, one calendar day following the auction. We request that a check be sent within 10 calendar days.

Option 3

If you are looking for a more hands on approach to your auction, SEU Promotions, INC. can simply provide you with the items and you can handle the rest. We do require a 10 item minimum for all deliveries and shipments. We again would invoice the items, with tax and shipping where applicable, and require the payment within 10 calendar days following the auction. Also prior to the event we can make any arrangements with you for the return of any items by picking them up, you can drop them off, or we require them to be insured and shipped back immediately. The charity or event sponsor is responsible for all freight and insurance costs; freight insurance amounts are determined in advance of shipments by SEU. Any items damaged during the event are the responsibility of the charity or event sponsor. (We use standard UPS ground for shipping.)

Option 4

Want to hire us for an event out-of-state? Not a problem! We will still attend and handle your auction according to your choice between Option 1 and Option 2 above. Reasonable travel expenses will apply outside of a one hundred (100) mil radius of Charlotte, NC.

We offer the following categories of materials:

Thomas Kinkade Art, Disney Art & Memorabilia, Bob Timberlake Art, Warner Brothers Art & Memorabilia, Crystal serving sets, binoculars, clocks, chess sets, Civil War Memorabilia, Major College Memorabilia, NFL, MLB, BOXING, NBA, NHL, PGA, LPGA, & SR PGA tours.